The setting up of the alumni student association was initiated by Sr. Grace Joseph the Principal. It aims at uniting all the Ex-C.J.M, St.Agnes' and enable them to relive the moment of their wonderful and joyous years which spent in the school.

Alumni Student Association

Alumni Association Of School

The Alumni Association of the school was formed on 10th March 2014. The Founding members of the association were the first batch of std. XIIth 2014, About 60 of them Registered
Mrs. Sujata Patni, Mr. Mukesh Rawat, Mr. Sanjay Pal then, the class teachers were also present.
The Principal highlighted the importance and aim of its association.
During this meeting the following executive members were appointed.

President              :    Mayank Rawat
Vice-President      :    Naveen Singh Chauhan
Secretary              :    Ankita John
Joint Secretary     :    Rajeev Kumar
Treasures:            :    Narendra and Rohit Kumar

It was decided that the annual meeting will be held every year during the Christmas and new year season

Alumni Registration Form

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Alumni Meeting

First Meeting:- 01.01.2015

The first meeting of the Ex-students association was held on 1st January 2015 at 3.00 PM. About 30 students were present. The principal of the school, Sr. Grace Joseph and few staff members were also present. The meeting began with a short prayer service, followed by the secretary Ankita John, read out the report of the association. The members were happy to share their views and experiences. It was a memorable gathering. During this meeting it was said to start a fund for the association.The students on the spot contributed Rs. 80/-(Eighty) on that day itself. Since it was a small amount it handed over to the principal of the school. The principal ,Sr. Grace gave us refreshment. Then we had a photo session. The principal gave a few words of blessings and we thanked her for this moment. We went away with refreshed memories of our school life.
Thank you,
The Secretary

Second Meeting:- 10.01.2016

The second meeting of the Association was held on 10th January 2016 at 3.00pm. 14 members were present in this meeting. Even though the members were less than the first meeting we had an enriched and enjoyable evening.
The meeting began with a prayer. And the secretary read out the report of the previous meeting. After which all the members shared among themselves about their studies, carriers and experiences. During the meeting it was decided to create a fund for the Association and different programmes as it grows and also to invite more members to the Asssociation. The collection was taken . The total collection of this day was Rs. 250/. Sr.Grace, the principal of the Inter college gave us refreshment and we had a group photo seesion.
The members thanked each other and went away with happy memories of the school days.
Thank you,
Ankita John ,Secretary

Third Meeting:- 19.02.2017

The third Alumni meeting was held on 19th February 2017 at 3.00pm. There were 38 members for the meeting. As usual the meeting started with a Bhajan and praying for various intensions . Since the Secretary was absent it was presided by the President. After the prayer the Report was read and it was passed by the Association. Then the group shared and discussed on various issues, their careers and studies etc. All had a great desire to strengthen the Association. Discussed also regarding the fund and since most of them were students and poor it was decided that every member would contribute Rs.100 at every meeting . One of the suggestion was that there should be a literature for the Association. And Miss Anju Sonker (adv) agreed to prepare it. At The end the Principal served the refreshment and after the group photo all went away enriched by the meeting. It was a memorable day for all of us.
Thank you,
The Secretary

Fourth Meeting:- 06.01.2019

The fourth meeting was held on 06.01.2019 at 3.30pm. There were 13 members present for the meeting. Due to some reasons we were not able to have the fourth meeting during the year 2018 , so we had the fourth meeting on 6th Jan 2019. The meeting began with the prayer service .Since the secretary was absent the report of the previous meeting was read by Miss Raina Shukla. During the meeting the members had a beautiful sharing on various topic. It was decided to give refreshments to the teams of those who come to play for the Sr.Ruby Memorial invitational tournament in our school , by the Ex- students specially those who were in the sports while they were in the school .The members also felt that they should elect the new executives . It was elected Mr.Sultan Nautiyal as President , Vice President Aman Sonker, Secretary as Tanuja Negi , Vice secretary Raina Shukla and Sagar as Cashier and Nancy his assistant. It was also decided that the meeting to have twice a year and the next meeting was fixed for the mont

Fifth Meeting:- 31.03.2019

The Fifth meeting of the Alumni Association ofC.JM St.Agnes’ Inter College was held on 31st March 2019 at 3.00 pm.It was a special meeting.Our Principal sr.Grace was asked by the Congregation to go to Philippines to serve for sometimes, so we gave sister a warm sent off.Almost 50 Ex - students had gathered to meet her.The meeting began with a prayer service.Then the executive members asked the students to share their experiences and their views on different matters.They also organized a cultural programs.The students enjoyed very much.The students thanked Sr.Grace for starting an association and sister told them to continue the meeting and not to stop even though she will not be here in the future days to come.She asked them to keep in touch with her through WhatsApp and they gave her their phone numbers.After that the students with their Principal took a photograph. The treasurer took the collection.The collection for the day was Rs.1500/- and earlier collection was Rs. 1400/- and altogether Rs.2900/- handed over to Mr.Dhani Singh the Clerk of the school to open an account in the name of Ex-Students of C.J.M St.Agnes’ Inter College Dehradun.After which we had refreshment and dispersed enriched by the gathering.