Working in close collaboration with the parents and agencies responsible for education, we aim at promoting all- round development of the student with respect to them:

Aim & Objectives

To fit our students to live in a modern civilized world through adjustment to their environment, we aim to train our students for:

  • Adjustment to environment
  • Personal growth

To prepare for an effective and satisfying membership of the most important social unit in the community- the family. To teach them to budget their leisure wisely so as to balance activities that yield satisfaction with those that are useful and necessary.


To qualify for a suitable occupation through which they will make a major contribution to their community.


To be prepared for active democratic participation in roles, large and small.

Our Address

Convent of Jesus & Mary
St.Agnes Inter College
71/B, Bihari Lal Road, Neshvilla Road
Dehradun,Uttarakhand- 248001 (India)