About Us

St. Agnes’ is situated in the state of Uttrakhand which is curved out of U.P. in the year 1999. St. Agnes’ is in the centre of capital of Uttarakhand Dehradun. From the clock tower towards Mussoorie Dehradun road to the left side of the main road near Astley Hall there is a road Neshvilla road leading to the river side, Now it is known as Indra colony. Some ups and down the crossing of the bridge steep climb and we are at our destination St. Agnes' Inter College.

History Of the Inter College

C.J.M St. Agnes Inter College ( Bhor Ka Tara )

"Bhor Ka Tara" would not have been there if Fr. Linus O.F .M Cap had not been a man of Mission and Vision. He realized the importance of bringing up of the poor and economically backward families to the forefront of the Society. On 15th June 1955 coming down from Mussoorie he crossed the Astley Hall to Neshvilla road reached the place where St.Agnes’ stands now. The first admission shows that 50 students on the roll. On July 1955 His Grace Arch Bishop Vanni visited the school who had a great love for the poor and under privileged.. The school must go on and flourish was his wish. The school has progressed as he wished.

St.Agnes’ school has got a new life when Bishop handed over the school completely to the sisters of Jesus and Mary in 1957. The Charism of our Mother Foundress is education for the young and among them to the poor. The Jesus and Mary sisters took the entire responsibility to run the school. Many efficient and visionary sisters nurtured the school to the present day.

It will be incomplete if we do not mention the love, vision, and the hard work of Rev. Fr. Lanfrank. He brought in Christian Children Fund through which the school was able to impart education to the students of the economically poor families. From a humble beginning St.Agnes' rose to the highest in 1957 Primary, 1967 Junior school and in 1975 high school and in 1976 the school came in grant-in-aid and declared as minority institution.

In the year 1995 the sisters started staying in the campus. In the year 2000 Computer section was opened. Vocational courses were started in 2003 with the aid received from the Focolori Movement. Welding, Carpentry , Cutting and Dress Making and 'Kathak'Indian classical Dance were taught to the students and appeared for the Examinations from the National Open School. St.Agnes' provides Mid Day Meal, Medical aid, Books, Fees, Stationery, Uniform and all necessary equipments and costumes for Sports and Games. With the support and guidance of our Management, Co-operation of the staff, Students , Benefactors and with the team spirit and effort St.Agnes' will remain as the "Bhor Ka Tara" all the years to come.

School Song

Akhil Vishwa prakash punj,
Hey gyan gung hai tumhe naman.
Uday diwakar poorna kala daidipyamaan hai tumhe naman.
Jhunjha jhakor durgam puth jeevan jahaan awastha parivartak -2
Satya sanatan gyan jyoti Vahan bun jati puth pradarshak
Bhakti gyan satkarma samanvit ka vidhaan hai tumhe naman
Udai diwakar poorna kala daidipyamaan hai tumhe naman.
Akhi Vishwa ...........................................
Jasus Mary dharma sangh kid harm behan oopkaron se -2
Gurujan Vrind, Vidya Mandir ke seva prem udgaaon se
Sant Agnes kea shish se Amrit paan hai tumhe naman
Udai diwakar poorna kala dai dipyamaan hai tumhe naman.
Akhi Vishwa .........................................

Personal Growth


To discern the will of God in his/her life and to be aware of His presence, seeking expression in a personal communion with Him, so that prayer and life become completely interwoven and everything is done with the desire of pleasing and glorifying God.


To develop undaunted courage to stand for right, even in the face of opposition and criticism. To be committed to the cause of justice and peace.


To develop and maintain a sound body that is physically fit. To establish good health habits, attitudes and an understanding of his/her physical growth.


To cultivate the intellect, to dialogue, to analyze, to foster the spirit of enquiry, to appraise and evaluate, judge rightly.


To value truth and to be sensitive to human nature and to beauty in all its forms(literature, art, music, nature etc.)